Category: Depressant, Hallucinogen, Stimulant

Drugs in this group

Cannabis, K2, Spice, Arizona, Black Mamba, Bombay Blue, Genie, Zohai, Banana Cream Nuke, Krypton, Lava Red.


Cannabinoids are also known as Reefer, Dope, Ganjha, Skunk, Marijuana, Smoke, Pot, Resin, Hash, Solid, Grass, Soapbar, Weed, Council. They are usually smoked, vaped or eaten.


The most common effects of cannabinoids are often described as feeling ‘stoned’ which can include relaxation, talkativeness, laughter and ‘munchies’ (a need to eat).


All Cannabinoids can cause an increased heart rate, anxiety, a distortion of sense of space and time and paranoia. They can also impair short term memory and long-term use can cause or worsen mental health problems.

Many synthetic cannabinoids are more potent than cannabis, and users are often unaware of exactly what they are getting and how potent it is.

Smoked with tobacco, they increase the health risks associated with tobacco use and can lead to heart and breathing problems.

If you are taking them

If you take cannabinoids there are some things you can do to reduce the risks.

  • Switch to vaping – while it’s not risk free it is less harmful on the lungs than smoking.
  • Start with low doses and go slow to avoid unpleasant side effects.
  • Take it easy with edibles. While they’re less harmful for the lungs than smoking it can be easy to get the dose wrong and take too much.

Legal status

Although in many countries the legislation of these drugs has changed, in Scotland they will mostly be a class B drug.

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