Also Known As: Neurontin

Category: Stimulant

Gabapentin is a prescription only medicine used to treat epilepsy and neuropathic pain (which is the result of damage to nerve tissue which can produce a burning, shooting or scalding feeling). A prescription only medicine can only be prescribed following a consultation with a doctor.

Gabapentin is manufactured as either white, yellow or orange capsules and tablets.

Gabapentin capsules and tablets are normally swallowed, but there have been reports of the powder from gabapentin capsules being snorted.

Gabapentin can produce feelings of relaxation, calmness and euphoria. Some users have reported that the ‘high’ from snorted gabapentin can be similar to taking a stimulant. Gabapentin may also enhance the euphoric effects of other drugs, like opiates, and is likely to increase the risks when taken in this way.

Gabapentin has effects in similar brain pathways to those that are affected by drugs like benzodiazepines.

It can cause dizziness, forgetfulness, drowsiness and confusion, all of which can put you at risk of hurting yourself, especially in certain environments.

Manufacturers recommend that when used as a medicine, gabapentin should only be used by women who are breast-feeding if the potential benefits outweigh the risks. They also point out that in animal studies toxicity has been seen during pregnancy.

Gabapentin commonly causes: diarrhoea, constipation, vomiting and feelings of wanting to vomit, tremors, flatulence, increases in blood pressure, trouble sleeping, weight gain, and feelings of depression, hostility and anxiety. Gabapentin has been associated, rarely, with hallucinations, suicidal thoughts and jaundice (where the skin goes a yellow colour due to liver disease).

It’s likely that most of the gabapentin that is available on the black market has been either stolen from a hospital or pharmacy or stolen (possibly brought) from people who have been prescribed gabapentin. They might have also been imported from abroad.

You cannot normally be sure of the purity unless you are certain that the drug you have is a genuine pharmacy medicine.

It is recommended that prescribed gabapentin use is not stopped abruptly as it may cause anxiety, insomnia, nausea, pain and sweating.

Withdrawal symptoms, reported when gabapentin use was stopped abruptly include anxiety, disturbed sleep, nausea, pain and sweating.

Gabapentin is a prescription only medicine and can only be prescribed following a consultation with a doctor.