Also Known As: Reefer, Dope, Ganjha, Skunk, Marijuana, Smoke, Pot, Resin, Hash, Solid, Grass, Soapbar, Weed, Council

Category: Depressant, Hallucinogen, Stimulant


Comes as solid lump ‘resin’; leaves, stalks and seeds called ‘grass’; or sticky dark oil.

Can be smoked or cooked and eaten with food.

Users feel relaxed and may have a sharper sense of colours and sounds. Some feel the urge to eat. If taken in food, effects can be stronger and harder to control.

Short-term: Impairs ability to concentrate and conduct complex tasks. Can lead to tiredness and lack of motivation.

Long term: Regular heavy use can lead to development or worsening of mental health problems including paranoia. Smoked with tobacco, it increases health risks associated with tobacco use and can lead to nicotine addiction. Very heavy use can lead to withdrawal symptoms. Can lead to heart and breathing problems.

Cannabis is a Class B drug – illegal to have, give away or sell. Possession can get you up to five years in prison, or an unlimited fine, or both. Supplying someone else, including your friends, can get you up to fourteen years in prison and/or an unlimited fine.

Remember: Having a criminal record can make it difficult for you to get a job or visa if you want to travel abroad.

What’s the difference between possession & supply (dealing)? What happens if you’re under 16? Learn more about drugs and the law.

Rolling papers such as Rizla, pipes and bongs.