Also Known As: Bromo, Nexus, CB, 2Ci, 2CT-7

Category: Hallucinogen, Stimulant

Comes as a white powder or tiny pills.

Normally swallowed but can also be smoked or snorted.

At low doses the effects are very similar to that of ecstasy. At higher doses the user experiences effects similar to that of LSD and are very aware of colours, sounds and smells. The effects usually last for 2-4 hours.

Short term: The drug can cause hallucinations similar to that of LSD. Taking 2CB can induce panic attacks.

Long term: Regular use may lead to feelings of anxiety, disorientation and extreme tiredness. Users may become prone to depression and in some cases individuals may experience psychotic syndromes, visual illusions and depersonalisation.

2C-B and 2CT-7 are both Class A drugs. This means they are illegal to have, give away or sell. Possession can get you up to seven years in jail or an unlimited fine or both. Supplying someone else, even your friends, can get you up to a life sentence or an unlimited fine or both.

Remember: Having a criminal record can make it difficult for you to get a job or visa if you want to travel abroad.

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