Category: Depressant, Stimulant

Also know as:

Baccy, chewing tobacco, Cigarettes, cigars, Fags, loose tobacco, pipes, Rollies, Smokes


Nicotine is the addictive substance found in Tobacco. Tobacco is a plant that it grown and then the leaves are dried to produce a brown flakey mixture, which is then rolled in cigarettes and smoked. 

Tobacco has a strong taste and smell, but second-hand smoke produced by cigarettes can also be inhaled by people and is invisible and odourless. 

How it is taken

Tobacco is most commonly consumed in cigarettes, which are both manufactured or can be hand rolled.

There are different types of tobacco, which can be consumed in different ways. These include  Shisha, which is a flavoured tobacco smoked in a water pipe or hookah, cigars, cigarillos and chewing tobacco.


Smoking cigarettes provides a hit of nicotine, which is the highly addictive substance found in tobacco.

As nicotine is a stimulant, it raises your heart rate and blood pressure, which is why first-time smokers often feel sick or dizzy.

Smoking is often thought of as a way to relax, but it actually increases anxiety and tension. Because nicotine affects certain chemicals in the brain, regular smokers feel strong cravings if they haven’t had a cigarette in a while. When they eventually have a cigarette those cravings are relieved, so they associate the cigarette with a feeling of calm. This is why smoking can be so addictive.

In reality, smoking causes feelings of tension and giving up will improve mood, reduce anxiety and relieve stress.


Short term:

Nicotine addiction can develop quite rapidly and regular smokers often feel anxious and irritable if unable to smoke. Smoking can restrict growth in young people.

Long term:

Other chemicals in tobacco cause lung cancer and stomach diseases, heart disease, circulation problems, wrinkled skin and premature ageing.

Smoking can cause bones to become weakened brittle and increases the risk of osteoporosis in women. It also increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, eye disease and dementia.

Legal status

It is illegal for retailers to sell tobacco to anyone under 18.

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