Category: Depressant

Also know as:

Linctus, Meth


Methadone is a synthetic alternative to heroin, and is used to help people come off street heroine. It is usually prescribed to addicts as a green liquid that is swallowed, but it can also be injected or taken as a pill.

How it is taken

Usually swallowed but can be injected.


Effects similar to heroin, although less intense but longer acting. It is a very strong painkiller.  It lasts longer in the body than heroin, up to 24 hours.  It can relieve pain, cause drowsiness, can cause mild euphoria, slow breathing, and slow the bowels causing constipation.


Short term:

Drug overdose, possibly leading to coma or death, if taken by someone not used to the drug. Methadone should only be taken as part of a prescribed and supervised programme to treat addiction to opiate drugs, especially heroin.

Long term:

Methadone can be addictive, and it should never be given or sold to someone else.

Legal status

Methadone is a Class A drug – illegal to have without a prescription, give away or sell. Possession without a prescription can get you up to seven years in jail or an unlimited fine or both. Supplying someone else, even your friends, can get you up to life imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine.

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