4 June 2013

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They reported that the first tablet is white and has a ‘Mitsubishi’ logo imprinted on it. This pill has been analysed and contains the potentially dangerous chemicals, 5IT or AMT.

The second tablet is yellow with a star logo imprinted on it. This pill has also been analysed and contains the toxic stimulants, PMA or PMMA. It is similar in appearance to the ‘Rockstar’ tablet.

Both these tablets are being sold as ‘ecstasy’ and are known to be circulating in Glasgow.

Police Scotland have advised that the dangerous chemicals identified within both these pills have previously been known to cause users to suffer serious adverse reactions. They are unstable, unpredictable and potentially dangerous.

Detective Sergeant Michael Miller at Police Scotland said:

“These two types of tablets are not covered by any form of quality control. Forensic tests carried out recently on ecstasy tablets have shown that they contain a cocktail of different substances. Any time someone takes an ecstasy tablet, they are gambling with their life. I would strongly advise people to avoid such pills and report any information to the police. My message is clear – drugs are dangerous – don’t take them.”

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