3 February 2014

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Police Scotland, NHS Greater Glasgow and NHS Ayrshire and Arran issued a warning about the dangers of drugs after a 17 year-old woman fell ill at a Glasgow nightclub and died on Sunday 2 February 2014. Police Scotland report that it is unclear at this stage what caused her death and a post mortem examination will be carried out in due course.

However, a further four people were admitted to hospital when they became ill after taking drugs.

An investigation is underway and although the inquiry is at an early stage enquiries so far have revealed that a red ‘mortal kombat’ tablet with a dragon stamped on it could be the common link between these incidents.

Further to the 17 year-old woman being admitted to hospital, a further three men and one woman were also admitted to hospitals in separate incidents in Glasgow and Ayrshire, as they began to feel unwell after taking drugs.

In the Police Scotland news release, Mr James Stevenson, A& E Consultant with Ayrshire and Arran said:

“People who choose to take drugs are playing Russian roulette with their life. They have no way of knowing what they are taking, and as a result, some of them will die. I would appeal to young people, don’t believe what you’re being told by someone giving you drugs – there’s no such thing as a safe, illicit drug, you could be swallowing anything. You can’t tell what’s in it by looking at it.”

Call 101 for non-emergencies and general enquiries, for medical emergencies contact 999 immediately, or for non-urgent medical advice contact your GP or NHS 24 on 08454 242424.

Please see Police Scotland new release for more information.

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