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Celebrity Big Brother host Emma Willis has opened up about the strain her hubby Matt’s drug taking had on their relationship.

The couple have been together for seven years but at one point Emma was forced to question whether she could carry on as Matt’s cannabis use was changing the person she loved.

Former Busted member and winner of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here star, Matt has admitted he started smoking cannabis at 13 and by 21 he was using it every day.

It was a way of life. You become immune to its effects… and you suddenly find yourself turning a bit weird

Matt Willis

He told the Sun: “It was a way of life. You become immune to its effects, or at least you think you do and you suddenly find yourself turning a bit weird. If I smoked, I’d become paranoid and forget everything. My memory was shot to pieces. I had no confidence. I always felt I was bad with people but it was because I was always stoned.”

Presenter Emma told Fabulous magazine how Matt smoking cannabis became a bone of contention between the couple and although she wanted to stick by him, she did question how long she could cope with it for.

She said: “It was tough but if you’re with someone and you love them you stick by them. I did start to think: ‘I can’t have this for the rest of my life’. Matt’s always had problems and they come in waves. But this wave lasted a long time. I was relieved that he got some help. It was never a case of we’re not going to get married. It was Matt saying I need to sort my s*** out. So he did.”

Like many people who use drugs, Matt also confessed he’d lied to Emma about the extent of his drug use.

  • Ashleigh’s story

Ashleigh*, 18, of Glasgow, has been in exactly the same situation. As much as she loved her boyfriend, she hated what he was like when he was using cannabis.

She said: “At first it wasn’t that much of an issue to me, it was just something he did now and again and not really when he was with me but then it became everyday. He couldn’t be bothered doing anything and was quite happy to sit in the house watching DVDs or drinking too.

“I wanted to go out and enjoy myself with my mates. Their boyfriends would come out with us and we’d have a laugh but he’d rather sit in himself. He was a great guy most of the time but it ended up pushing us apart. He’d rather spend his money buying dope than going out for a meal or to the pictures. Who wants to go out with someone who has nothing to say for themselves because they’re too busy smoking weed?”

  • Relationship expert Sue Maxwell

Relationship expert Sue Maxwell, of Relationships Scotland, says if other couples are going through similar issues it’s important to talk to your partner about how you are feeling.

She said: “If your partner is doing something that you are worried about or it’s causing problems in your relationship you need to speak about it. Talking can make a difference and the more you do it, the better it will make your relationship.

“The best thing to do is to talk about it when they are not under the influence so pick a time when you know this is the case. Go somewhere neutral, like a coffee shop or café, this way it keeps the situation under control. Explain what it is that is bothering you about it, you need to put it out on the table so you can discuss it.

“Everyone is different and it’s important to understand that you both may be seeing things from a different perspective so you need to talk it through. If you are having doubts, trust your own view, you know what is best for you.

“Sometimes it can take a while to work through but what is important is that you talk it through at the right time to give you both a chance to explain your thoughts and feelings about the issue.”

If you need to talk through difficulties in a relationship, you can contact Relationships Scotland.

*Names have been changed

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