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He was 13 when he started experimenting with drugs – it seemed like a fun thing to do at the time. His parents had just split up and I guess it was an escape for him; it stopped him from thinking about things too much.

It was his mates who had started taking it and they looked like they were having a laugh so he didn’t really think there was any harm in it.

They all used to hang out in a well-known close in our area, smoking joints and just mucking about really. Joints soon turned to other harder drugs, like ecstasy and bubbles. His friends were also taking valium as well to help them come down.

He told me that you can never beat your first high. You start with one drug and the effect is really strong, but the more you take it the less of an effect it has. So you try something else to see if you can better that first high but it never works.

You just end up in a vicious cycle and experimenting turns into using every weekend and during the week as well.

He is 15 now and really wants to stop, but he doesn’t know how to break the habit. It’s a way of life now.

If you think your friend has a drug problem and you need some advice on how to approach it, call our free confidential helpline on 0333 230 9468 or email us.

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