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A few friends and myself had been gearing up for a massive event at a Glasgow nightclub. We bought our tickets months in advance, had a place to crash and enough pre-gig booze to keep us going for hours. We had discussed in advance that we were going to take ecstasy once we got to the club. However we hadn’t secured any in advance and knew we would have to go hunting for some once we hit the venue.

By the time we arrived at the club there was a massive queue and within minutes we were being offered pills. The guy selling the drugs looked extremely dodgy and even though we were looking at him through a drunken haze we saw sense and decided to wait for a more reputable salesman.

Once we entered the club it seemed apparent that everyone was getting their pills in the toilets, one of our group headed in to grab some. Two minutes later and £25 lighter our mate emerged from the toilet with 4 tabs, one for each of us. We laughed when he told us that the dealer had supersaver options – 2 for £15, 4 for £25 and 10 for £50.

This was a particularly special occasion, 2 of us had tried it before and 2 hadn’t. All being relatively inexperienced we all bit the pills in half and figured that we would save the other for later. The pills were darker than others we had tried in the past and tasted extremely chemical like, the taste stayed in my mouth for a long time after biting it.

Within half an hour I could really feel the effects, the music was immense and you could see the guys who hadn’t tried it before were really loving it. We did an excited group huddle and all made the executive decision to take the other half as it was going so well.

Over maybe the next 20 minutes or so the effect came on extremely strong.

One of my friends approached me “Was the bass doing that before?” he said with an ecstatic look on his face, before spinning off like a 5 year old into the crowd. He appeared again not even ten minutes later “I’m feeling really hot!” This time with a panicked look. I told him it was cool, we’d head to the bar and grab some water. As I lead him I could tell he wasn’t in a good place. I grabbed 2 bottles and took them back to him.

As he drank I poured one over his head, he smiled and said “That’s better… that’s better” and then began to collapse. I caught him in my arms, I could feel that he had completely gone. The terror as I lowered him to the floor, screaming to the other guys to help out. He was only on the ground for about 10 seconds before he was lifted up by the armpits by a bouncer and hauled off into a room behind the bar.

We stood for a second to get our heads together, one of my friends was still way too happy to care or think about anything and we had to calm him down and explain the situation several times.

I ran off to get the jackets, simultaneously asking every member of security if they knew anything about my friend who had collapsed. I eventually got back to the others and approached the bouncer who had lifted him through to the other room. He stared at me blankly and basically denied that he had anything to do with the situation.

After asking as many members of staff as possible it became apparent that no one was going to help us and we decided to head outside. We found our friend lying about fifty metres from the club on a car bonnet. He was conscious and appeared actually quite happy, but looked terrible, gurning really badly, with his eyes rolling around inside his skull.

The drugs seemed to take forever to wear off and another member of the group was starting to look worse for wear. I was feeling terrible too, just like I had absolutely no energy. I could have quite happily lay down on the pavement and gone to sleep.

We somehow got a taxi and headed back to the place we were staying that night. We were all on edge and really shaken up, the drugs were still going strong. I vividly remember making my friend who had collapsed take the gum out of his mouth, he had chewed it to a paste and was picking it off his tongue.

One of the guys who was out that night continues to take ecstasy on a regular basis.

However, I took the experience as a warning and decided never to do it again. It showed me that the difference between one pill to the next is massive. I had taken two in the past in quick succession and yet never experienced anything as powerful as that night out in Glasgow.

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