Also Known As: Bevvy, Booze

Category: Depressant

‘Alcopops’, spirits, beers and wines.

Alcohol is drunk.

Reduces inhibitions and increases sense of relaxation. Each unit of alcohol takes approximately one hour for the liver to process.

Short term: Hangover including dehydration, headache, nausea, sensitivity to noise and bright lights, and depression. Intoxication can lead to aggressive/irrational behaviour and accidents.

Long term: Regular heavy drinking can cause stomach disorders, cancer of mouth, and throat, increased risk of stroke, liver cirrhosis, brain damage (including memory problems), high blood pressure, problems with the nervous system, changes in physical appearance (e.g. weight gain, thread veins and purple, bulbous ‘drinkers nose’), sexual and mental health problems, and family and work problems.

It’s illegal to sell alcohol to anyone under 18-years-old. Also if you drive or attempt to drive while unfit due to alcohol consumption (being unfit means having a Blood Alcohol Concentration of over 80mg per 100ml), you face an automatic disqualification (‘driving ban’), a large fine and the possibility of a prison sentence.

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